Milton Keynes Astronomical Society

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Meetings and Events (GS= Guest Speaker)

Held on Alternate Fridays at 8:00 pm

08 JanuaryOnline Zoom Astromeet
22 JanuaryOnline Zoom Talk: Spaceship Earth: A Journey in Time and SpaceDr Mike Leggett
05 FebruaryOnline Zoom Astromeet
19 FebruaryOnline Zoom Astroquiz
05 MarchOnline Zoom Astromeet instead of Talk on 'Gravitational Lenses' by Dr Aprajita Verma (postponed to a later date)
12 MarchStargazing for Everyone - Explore the Night Sky with MKAS(CANCELLED DUE TO CURRENT LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS)
19 MarchOnline Zoom Talk: Juno Spacecraft: Mission to JupiterDr. Jonathan Nichols
02 AprilOnline Zoom Astromeet
16 AprilOnline Zoom Astro Oscars
30 AprilOnline Zoom Astromeet
14 MayOnline Zoom Talk: A History of Women in AstronomyMary McIntyre
28 MayOnline Zoom Astromeet
11 JuneOnline Zoom Talk: The Silver-on-Glass RevolutionBob Marriott
25 JuneOnline Zoom Astromeet
9 JulyOnline Zoom Short Talks
23 JulyOnline Zoom Talk: The Appley Bridge Meteorite - the Space rock that hit LancashireRussel Parry
06 AugustAstromeet at Rectory Cottages
20 AugustAstronomers' Question Time at Rectory Cottages
03 SeptemberAstromeet at Rectory Cottages
17 SeptemberAstronomy for All at Rectory Cottages
01 October Talk at Rectory Cottages: Rebel Star – The Sun’s greatest MysteriesColin Stuart
15 OctoberAstromeet at Rectory Cottages
29 OctoberOnline Zoom Talk: Richard Lambert Memorial Lecture - Enceladus, Europa and the Trappist-1 Systems as Potential Sources of Life -Dr Martin Braddock
12 NovemberRetro-Astromeet at Rectory Cottages
26 NovemberAGM followed by Astromeet at Rectory Cottages
10 DecemberAstromeet at Rectory Cottages
17 DecemberChristmas Social at Rectory Cottages