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Welcome to the Milton Keynes Astronomical Society [MKAS]

Our mission: To spread the interest and enjoyment of astronomy to people of all ages in and around Milton Keynes

We find that there is nothing better than to exchange practical experiences gained under our challenging skies. We like most things related to Astronomy and Space. We book speakers to come and enlighten us on their fields of expertise. We have social events throughout the year and love to talk about all things Astronomical

So, come along and have a chat over a cup of coffee at Rectory Cottages, Bletchley and we'll make out the case that MKAS is the right Society for you!

Upcoming: Online Zoom Talk: Spaceship Earth: A Journey in Time and Space

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this Astromeet is being held online using Zoom.
If you want to join our virtual meetings, please email for meeting login details on Zoom.
Image illustrating the topic of the talk

Beginning with a brief history of the Earth and the Sun, the talk then covers the motion of the Earth and the Solar System, including the rotation (day) and orbit of the Earth (year), the motion of the Solar System about the Galactic centre (Galactic year) and the relative motion of the Milky Way and nearby galaxies. The talk includes celestial encounters including interstellar visitors to the Solar System, and also collisions between the Milky Way and other galaxies.

Presented by Dr Mike Leggett

Speakers image

Dr. Mike Leggett is a founder member of the South Lincolnshire Astronomical and Geophysical Society in 1976. Mike began to present astronomy talks for his local society. He has since presented lectures for the British Interplanetary Society, at University of Aberdeen evening classes, for the Society for the History of Astronomy and to astronomical societies and other groups throughout the UK.

Currently Vice Chairman of the Milton Keynes Astronomical Society, Mike has also served as Chairman and Secretary. A former Council Member and Publicity Officer for the Society for the History of Astronomy (SHA), he is also county co-ordinator for Buckinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Rutland in the SHA survey of astronomical history of the UK. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, Mike Leggett is also a member of the British Astronomical Association, the National Space Society and the Planetary Society.

A Graduate in Chemistry and Pharmacology from the University of Nottingham, Dr Leggett also holds a PhD in Chemistry. A Chartered Chemist and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, he is a member of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Authorship and Communication and is Member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

Milton Keynes Astronomical Society has been meeting remotely since June 2020 as public assemblies are not allowed under COVID-19 rules at our usual venue at Rectory Cottages, Bletchley. We are sticking to the framework of our disrupted programme as much as we can and guest speakers are happy to present their talks remotely.
We have decided to open our virtual meetings to visitors as our physical meetings were before this crisis flared up. Same rules apply with 2 meetings permitted before we ask you to consider membership.

Join us at MKAS

So, what is MKAS offering you for your subscription?
   (For the duration of the COVID pandemic membership fees will be reduced by 50%. Full memberships are £14 per annum and concessions are £7 per annum)

  • 26 fortnightly meetings on average per year.
  • We aim to invite 5-6 guest speakers to our talk nights each year (Some members will also present their own talks)
  • Astromeets are the platform for members to present their observations, ideas or projects to others.
  • Occasional trips out to places of astronomical interest.
  • In the autumn, a residential observing weekend in Shropshire.
  • An annual dinner in March.
  • A pre-Christmas social.
  • Outreach events in schools, youth and general interest groups.
  • Our instruments can be taken on loan for a fee of £3 per fortnight.
  • A library of books and current magazines.
  • The AGM is held in November.

And of course, visitors are welcome to attend a couple of meetings before considering membership. So, come along and have a chat over a cup of coffee and we'll make out the case that MKAS is the right Society for you.
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Jewels of the Night Sky over MK

Images taken by our members. You could be taking images like this!

Jupiter - King of the planets

The Orion Nebula